Werden Gebrauchtwagenhändler Ihre Fahrt kaufen?

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Dein Autoankauf Düsseldorf

As exciting as buying a new car can be, it often means you have to sell your old car to make room. There are basically two ways to unload a used car. You can either sell it yourself on the private market or exchange it for payment for your next vehicle. Since the former can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, most owners opt for the latter. That being said, there is no guarantee that the dealer will want to buy your old wheelset. This is how you increase your chances of successful sales.

Be reasonable

Since dealers only make money by reselling vehicles at a higher price, don’t expect a fair market value for your vehicle. Most of the time, used car dealers will offer you ten or fifteen percent less than book value, which gives them some wiggle room to make a profit. At least they don’t want to lose money on the deal. After all, you run a business.

know what you have

While it’s true that most dealerships who sell used cars actually buy them, they don’t buy just any car. For example, if you take your old dented box to a high-end dealership that sells luxury vehicles, they’re far more likely to turn you down. In other words, you need to identify your target audience before attempting to sell your ride to any dealer. If you have an old clunker that’s on its last legs (or tires), it’s best to focus on used car dealers, who have a history of buying just about anything.

Don’t be sentimental

Even if you’re dying to get rid of your old car, you might get nostalgic when it comes time to sell it. As a result, you might be a little offended when the buyer points out all the things that are wrong with your vehicle. Maybe it has worn tires, paint chips and scratches. Some of the windows could be stuck and there could be problems with the stereo. Whatever the case, you may find it difficult to see your vehicle from the buyer’s perspective. In this case, it may be best to sell your car on the private market for a set price. That way you don’t have to charge less than you expect for an item of sentimental value.

Look at the brand

If possible, look for used car dealers who specialize in your brand. If their service crew has experience with similar models, they may be able to get more out of your ride. On the other hand, they probably know exactly where to look for the worst wear and tear, parts of your model year that tend to fail first. On the other hand, they might be a little more motivated to get you a deal that will make you drive the same brand.

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